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Why Backcountry Physical Therapy?

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Scott Runyon,
Owner and Founder of Backcountry Physical Therapy

Why Backcountry Physical Therapy?

As an athlete or outdoor enthusiast, you care about keeping your physical health at its best. Unfortunately, pain, discomfort, or an injury can keep you from living the active lifestyle you love. At Backcountry Physical Therapy, it’s our goal to provide the highest quality performance physical therapy services in Colorado Springs so you can keep exploring Colorado’s outdoors pain-free. Our physical therapists help athletes of every discipline reach their full potential. Helping you recover, preventing future injuries, and improving your performance — sports physical therapy is here to play a critical role in your active life. Here is what to expect when you work with Backcountry Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy Steps

Whether you have years of physical therapy experience or none at all, working with our team is an easy and stress-free process. At Backcountry Physical Therapy, we aim to help athletes recover from and prevent injuries to get back to the sports they love. Regardless if you like to ski or weightlift, our physical therapy services are designed to find the root of your pain. Our physical therapists actively listen to your concerns and goals. We believe in creating a fully personalized physical therapy plan suited to your specific needs. As a result, Backcountry Physical Therapy can help athletes achieve their goals and stay healthy. Here is an overview of our physical therapy process:

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment with Backcountry Physical Therapy

The first step is to schedule your appointment. You can do this by calling our office or by contacting us online. If you are seeing our physical therapists due to an injury, feel free to bring imaging reports to your first appointment, such as x-rays, CT, or MRI scans.

Step 2: Meet with Your Therapist for a Comprehensive Evaluation

Your first visit will begin with meeting your physical therapist. They will complete a comprehensive evaluation and discuss your concerns. This process will include taking measurements, such as testing your strength.

Step 3: Come Up with a Personalized Physical Therapy Treatment Plan

Once you discuss your concerns and questions with your physical therapist, they will create a physical therapy treatment plan. This plan is customized to your goals and needs. You can feel confident that your physical therapist is working with your goals in mind as you get your body healthy.

Step 4: Recover from Pain and Discomfort, Avoid Injuries, and Improve Performance

During each physical therapy session, we will work with you to get your body and mind in the best shape. Our physical therapists aim to enhance your performance levels and recover your body. They will also teach you how to move your body correctly to avoid future injuries.

More Physical Therapy Resources

Backcountry Physical Therapy wants to provide you with educational resources to help you know what to expect from physical therapy. We use a number of approaches in our clinic, such as dry needling and joint manipulation, which may leave you with questions about our services. Part of our commitment to providing high-quality physical therapy is sharing the best resources to keep our community healthy, like the information you can find in our blog, FAQ, and free ebooks.

If you have additional questions, check out our sports physical therapy FAQ. Also, don’t forget to download our free skiing and hiking ebooks! Lastly, our blog has everything you need to know if you’re looking for the best physical therapy education. Have questions about specific injuries? Want to know how physical therapy can help you? Our blog has the answers to all of your questions and more.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Backcountry Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

28+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Allan L.

“I am at the point where all my earlier physical sins are coming back to haunt me. I had come to believe that the pain and discomfort was going to be something I would just have to accept and work around or through. Scott claimed there was a lot we could address and felt I had nothing to lose, so I figured I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did. Within six weeks, I have seen a significant reduction in chronic discomfort and I am starting to realize greater mobility – I could not be more pleased. Scott is a great listener and genuinely wants to get his patients healthy as quickly as possible.”

- Claudia

“i’ve been dealing with an atypical arm muscle injury from rock climbing & finally decided i needed to consult a professional or risk causing permanent damage. scott was absolutely great – helping me pinpoint the problem when i was at a loss, answering my endless questions, & just as importantly, reassuring me that this can & will heal. i feel confident in the plan he created for me after noticing improvement in a short period of time, & I seriously can’t wait to never have to deal with this arm pain ever again!”