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Sports Physical Therapy FAQ

If you’ve never received sports physical therapy treatment, you may have questions about it. At Backcountry Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, we hope to go beyond being your physical therapist and provide you with the resources you need to perform safely and recover quickly. To be a resource and help you better understand how we can help you heal and get back to the activities and sports you love, we’ve answered some common questions about this specific type of physical therapy.
Sports physical therapy is a niche of physical therapy aimed at helping athletes and outdoor enthusiasts improve their flexibility, strength, and muscle control and learn how to move their bodies properly. Together, these enhancements help individuals heal their bodies quicker, recover safely, and prevent future injuries.
It’s best to wear loose-fitting activewear that leaves your problem area easily accessible. For example, if you have a knee problem, wearing shorts helps us easily assess your knee and evaluate its performance.
Not at all. Schedule an appointment with Backcountry Physical Therapy today!
At this time, we do not accept insurance. However, depending on your insurance provider, you can provide them with a bill from your visit, and they may send you a partial or full reimbursement. You or Backcountry Physical Therapy can contact your insurance provider to ask them if they would cover any portion of your visits.
Your visit begins with your physical therapist completing a comprehensive evaluation and discussing your concerns. At Backcountry Physical Therapy, we work to truly understand your goals to make a custom lifestyle plan that will allow you to achieve them. Want to make a ski trip with your buddies in a month? We will work with you to get your body and mind in the best shape. Your physical therapist will also conduct a movement assessment to pinpoint areas lacking in performance. After determining what areas of your body need to improve, they’ll create a comprehensive program to help you enhance performance levels, heal, and prevent future injuries. They’ll also teach you how to move your body correctly to avoid future injuries.
Everyone is different, and the number of sessions you need depends on your injuries and performance goals. Regardless of how many sessions we recommend, one of our ultimate goals with each client is to help you understand your body better to achieve optimal performance and recover quickly on your own.
If you have them, please bring imaging reports related to injuries that you want to address, including x-rays, CTs, and MRIs.
Physical therapy is not meant to hurt but instead relieve pain. However, you may experience minor soreness as a result of using muscles that are weak or recovering.
We ask that you set aside an hour for your first appointment. Your first appointment may run over if you have time. Our patients are our priority, and we are here to listen to your goals and challenges so you can live an active lifestyle. After that, your follow-up appointments should last an hour. Of course, the exact length of your appointments may vary depending on the complexity of your injuries, but your physical therapist can discuss estimated appointment times with you.
At Backcountry Physical Therapy, our physical therapists have graduated from accredited physical therapy programs and are state-licensed. They are doctorally trained, keep up with continuing education, and have extensive experience working with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. You can have confidence that your physical therapist is well trained and has the education and training necessary to help you!