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Get back to the outdoors. faster.

We help outdoor athletes and enthusiasts recover from and prevent injuries to return them to the mountain sports they love. We are a mobile service that meets you in your home, office, or gym to save you time that you can spend on your favorite mountain instead.

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Maybe you are unsure about what physical therapy can do for you. If you have any questions, Scott would be happy to have a conversation with you to find out what your goals are.


If you would like some information on cost and availability of our services, we can talk about that before setting up your appointment.


Would you like some great information on performance and injury recovery related to an outdoor, mountain lifestyle? Click the link to explore Backcountry Physical Therapy’s articles that can help you.



By finding the actual causes of your problem, you can avoid the frustration of lingering pain and recover more quickly. No longer will you have any fear when you are on your adventure!


With the care of a knowledgeable physical therapist, you will learn ways to prevent yourself from becoming injured or re-injured. Don’t let a beautiful day in Colorado be spent on the couch!

Improve Performance

Strength and body mechanics training will make you a better skier, snowboarder, or climber. All sessions will be customized specifically to your needs for your favorite mountain sports!


Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Our Services

We are mobile physical therapy, which means our practice provides you with the convenience of being treated in an environment you choose, whether it be at your home, office, gym, or elsewhere. We work with you to coach you to reaching the goals that are most important for your active lifestyle.  We can help you decrease pain, improve performance, and get back to doing the things outdoors that you love.

Meet Dr. Runyon

Dr. Scott Runyon graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2011 with a BS in Kinesiology. He then went on to study physical therapy at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, earning his doctorate in 2014. For two years following this, he traveled the country as a contract therapist, getting to experience different settings of therapy in almost every region of the United States. During that time, he was always attracted to areas where he could find the most active populations and help patients reach high level goals. He settled in Colorado in 2016 with his wife, Heather, and has been dedicated to treating orthopedic injuries, especially in athletes. He volunteers at Palmer High School, working with the athletic trainer to provide injury consultations to student-athletes at games and practices.

Scott is an avid weekend warrior. He moved to Colorado to live the outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys hiking, skiing, fishing, climbing, whitewater sports, and is willing to try most any mountain activity. He also enjoys playing and watching most any team sports.


Doctorate in Physical Therapy – Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science – 2014

Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology – the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -2011

Functional Dry Needling – Level 1 -2018

Emergency Medical Response in Sports Venues – 2018

We are your source for adventure athlete recovery and performance in Colorado Springs.

"As a military veteran with substantial conditions and concerns, I felt as I was in great care under Scott's professionalism and direction. Was in and out and back to trails in no time!"

Stephen Martin, Age 33

“I've been dealing with an atypical arm muscle injury from rock climbing & finally decided i needed to consult a professional....scott was absolutely great - helping me pinpoint the problem when i was at a loss, answering my endless questions, & just as importantly, reassuring me that this can & will heal. i feel confident in the plan he created for me after noticing improvement in a short period of time”

Claudia S


How does physical therapy work?

Physical therapy uses the ideas of proper movement to prevent and alleviate pain. By using hands-on manual therapy, education on body mechanics, and targeted functional training exercises, physical therapists are able to return you to the activities you love the most without the use of medications.

What types of conditions do you treat?

Backcountry Physical Therapy specializes in the care of outdoor athletes, but we are capable of treating a wide variety of diagnoses. These include sports injuries, low back pain, concussions, sprains, strains, pre and post-surgical conditions, and many more.

What should I expect for my first appointment?

Your therapist will send you some paperwork to fill out via email prior to your appointment. Filling this out beforehand will make your first visit more efficient, and more time can be spent focusing on returning you to your favorite mountain sport. Your therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation and set up a plan for your care. Typically, you will also receive a few exercises on your first day to start your own home program. These exercises will be important in obtaining the best results.

What is mobile physical therapy?

With mobile physical therapy, treatment can be performed on your terms in the comfort of the environment that you choose. Your therapist will meet you wherever is most convenient for you. This could be your home, your office, your gym, or the park. Decide on a place for your appointment in the Colorado Springs area and we will find a time.

What if I’m unsure if physical therapy can help me?

Please call, email, or message Backcountry Physical Therapy on social media and you will be set up with a complimentary, no-obligation phone call to discuss your condition.

How long will I need physical therapy?

Everyone is different. Our individual bodies, issues, and recovery time differ from case to case, but with the proper assessment, work done, and focusing on your goals will get you past the hard parts and back to the great outdoors.



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(719) 285-9670

Open Hours

Mon – Fri — 7:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday — By appointmnt
Sunday — Closed

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903