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Shoulder Pain

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Are You Annoyed That Shoulder Pain Is Preventing You From Living an Active Lifestyle?

You're sick of being held back by shoulder pain. You want to get back out there and live your life without worry or pain. If this describes you, keep reading to learn how Backcountry Physical Therapy is the best solution for you…

Don't give up your desired lifestyle because of problems that can be fixed.

No longer will you allow shoulder pain to make decisions for you.

You’ve been through enough.

Your workouts have suffered from pain, as you can’t lift as heavy as you used to.

The deep, aching pain prevents you from living your life as you want.

You’re frustrated and disappointed and put your life on hold, hoping the pain will go away.

But it hasn’t happened.

You’re looking for a solution so you can resume your active lifestyle. Backcountry Physical Therapy
If this describes you, we’re glad you’re here and ready to assist.

The BEST solution for you and your shoulder pain is Backcountry Physical Therapy. It’s time for US to assist YOU in resuming the activities and lifestyle you enjoy — without limitations or restrictions.

We understand how distressing shoulder pain can be.

You want to achieve specific goals as an active person.

These are the activities you would like to do every day but have found difficult due to your shoulder pain.

This is not how you live.

We understand how important an active lifestyle is to someone like you.

Going to the gym daily is your escape; it allows you to focus and puts you in the zone.

You’ve been missing out ever since your shoulder pain.

And you don’t want to miss out on anything else.

You want to do something about your shoulder pain because your confidence in your abilities is dwindling.

This is where we step in.

Backcountry Physical Therapy can help you return to the gym without worry or pain.

We collaborate with you to achieve your objectives, eliminate pain, and improve your performance.

Interested in learning more?

Perhaps you've tried to relieve your shoulder pain by...

…but here’s the catch: all of these options are only temporary.

You will only find disappointment and temporary relief when you try these options.


Because the underlying issue needs to be addressed.

Here’s the deal…

Some patients have been told that their shoulder pain is simply a result of leading an active lifestyle.

This is NOT correct.

Your shoulder pain impedes your progress and is a problem that begs to be fixed.

The reality is…

Shoulder pain is NOT normal; it is a problem that can be resolved.

You May Be Wondering What Sets Backcountry Physical Therapy Apart From the Competition.

We’re not like the others who tell you to…

We don’t tell you this because we know it won’t solve the problem.

We do not provide you with short-term pain relief.

Backcountry Physical Therapy gets to the bottom of your pain and finds a solution. We collaborate with you to help you achieve your objectives.

We put YOU first.

We know you’re a strong, confident, empowered individual eager to resume your active lifestyle – and that’s exactly what we promise you.

We understand that time is your most valuable resource, so we strive to assist patients like you in returning to their lives pain-free and with no limitations.

You can be confident that we have your best interests in mind. We listen to YOU and YOUR goals, and our top priority is that you achieve them.

We aim to be a resource for Colorado’s coaches, athletes, trainers, and active individuals. We take pride in never remaining stagnant, always striving to keep Colorado healthy and pain-free.

That is precisely what we will do for you.

Let’s work together to put an end to your shoulder pain.

Inquire about our pricing and availability today.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Backcountry Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

28+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Mike V.

“I had a couple of injuries in rapid succession that resulted in some significant quad issues. Scott helped me rehab the quad through a mix of visits and at-home workouts. I have opted for a monthly maintenance plan to keep me out on the trails. I highly recommend Scott. “

- Matthew S.

“I had a shoulder injury and had been dealing with the pain for about a year now. In just three sessions I have learned many excercises and stretches to help me on my road to recovery. I am already seeing a good amount of improvement. He is very knowledgeable and is great to work with. Thanks Scott! “

- Wendy S.

“I’ve been working with Scott for over a year on my hip and back pain. I’m a fitness trainer and a caretaker and I’m very interested in staying as joint healthy as possible without surgery and Scott is helping me with this goal. His creative techniques and strategies are A+, highly recommend!”