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Rock Climbers

Physical Therapy for Rock Climbing Injury Treatment:

Does this sound like you?
If yes…You have probably experienced pain and injury related to rock climbing. Have no fear, Backcountry Physical Therapy has a performance based plan that will not only treat your pains for good, but also gets you stronger to keep hitting all of your climbing milestones. Our therapists’ mission is to support you and be there to help you get back to the climbing gym or to the crag on the weekend.

Common Rock Climbing Injuries We treat:
Some of the common rock climbing injuries we treat include:

Our Treatment:

We offer a personalized plan that will get you back to climbing pain free. We offer a variety of treatment options that will tend to your climbing pain and injuries. Our goal is to prevent injury and support your active lifestyle with our physical therapy performance enhancing plan. Some of the techniques we will use to treat your climbing injuries and pain include:

You dont have to sacrifice the sport you love over problems that can be fixed. 

Dr. Scott Runyon, PT, DPT

Co-Founder of Backcountry Physical Therapy

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28+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Adam S.

“Can’t go wrong seeing Dr. Runyon for your outdoor adventures and activities! He will ensure all your needs and concerns are addressed not just for your current injury, but also to help get you set up for the long term. As a colleague who is also a PT there are few other PT’s I recommend in the Springs and he certainly makes the cut! “

- Bobbi R.

“I fell snow skiing. Scott helped me by showing me how to do some exercises right away so I would not develop frozen shoulder. My range of motion improved. His expertise and knowledge has helped and I hope to be able to resume all of my sports soon. “